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Even though the nature of the soil is the key element of the ‘terroir’, many other natural factors influence the quality, typicity and expression of a wine, such as the direction which the vine plots are facing, the altitude, the depth, the climatic conditions of the year and the micro climate.

Finally, the role of man is a determining factor in wine production; in the vineyard, as regards the choice and implementation of growing methods – from pruning to harvesting – and in the cellar, as regards the wine-making process and aging.

For this reason, we pay close attention to our vines. We work in a way that respects the environment, using integrated pest control. This means that we use as few treatment products as possible and we choose those that are least harmful to the neighbouring fauna. We now give a higher priority to working the soil. For a number of years, we have been testing cover planting and today, a third of our vineyard is no longer grass-free. We use inter-vine hoes and ploughs to control vegetation. We have noticed that these vines have a higher biomass and more varied fauna.

As regards the wine-making process, the must runs by gravity from the presses to the vats, ensuring ideal quality. Our vat room is thermo-regulated, giving us total control over the vinification and enabling us to age the wine in the best possible conditions.

We carry out the bottling ourselves at the optimal moment, during which the wine is at its most expressive.