Our exploitation

The Domaine HAMELIN harvests grapes from an area of 36.70 hectares. These vines extend over three villages: Poinchy, Beines and Lignorelles. The head office and the vat room are located at Lignorelles.

The production

The Domaine production comprises four White Burgundy wines:

  • Petit Chablis (A.O.C.) A total area of 9.95 hectares grown around the village of Lignorelles, on the edge of the Chablis vineyards. The soil is clay and limestone and the average annual production is 580 hl.
  • Chablis (A.O.C.) A total area of 19.4 hectares, grown in the three villages mentioned above. Among these vines, in the designated Chablis area, there are still some old vines (1 ha) of 70 years and over. If the year so allows, a special wine is made from these older vines, called the Chablis “Vieilles Vignes”. The subsoil is generally limestone (Portlandian). The average annual production is 1125 hl.
  • Chablis 1er Cru “Beauroy” (A.O.C.) A total area of 3.9 hectares, located on south-facing slopes, opposite the Lac de Beines. The average annual production is 210 hl.
  • Chablis 1er Cru “Vau-Ligneau” (A.O.C.) A total area of 3.5 hectares, located in the village of Beines. This vine is grown in theVallée de Vaux de Long. It extends over a steep, 200-metre slope. The average annual production is 200 hl. These subsoils include a limestone called Kimmeridgien that gives the elegance and the body of a ‘premier cru’.


  • The Domaine has 10 permanent employees.
  • The grapes are harvested manually (10 %) and mechanically.
  • The total annual harvest of the Domaine is 2100 hl.
  • The wines are aged in tanks before being bottled.
  • 80 % of the harvest is bottled (around 280,000 bottles).